Social Design

Design of social processes with matching communication

We approach social, organizational or technical challenges.

How can change be accompanied in your company / your organization?

Which developments require a wider view?

How can social and virtual networks be developed and preserved?

With 20 years of project experience we face exciting questions. Our goal is to show sustainable effectiveness, in both senses. Not every project idea works at the end, but several concepts we have brought to a higher level or accompanied the foundation of companies in different stages. 

This is the way we support processes

We act as F&E partners or contractors and contribute to answer your research question or we take the development into our own hand. With a broad network of specialists and generalists, we participate with different methods.

Our core competences are:

  • Open innovation & brainstorming
  • Organizational support & trainings
  • Incubation & roll-out
  • Brand and media development
  • Corporate image & design
  • Specification & programming of software components
  • Corporate social responsibility

A typical project goes through the following phases:

Phase 0: Fact finding (1-4 PD)
Phase 1: Definition / specification (2-10 PD)
Phase 2: Quick fixes (2-5 PD)
Phase 3: Agile development (10-30 PD)
Phase 4: Review & documentation (2-5 PD)
Phase 5: Iteration (10-30 PD)

An acquaintance we can offer, for example in workshops at relevant conferences:

  • degrowth 2015 Leipzig
  • Zürich
  • Transition Österreich Graz
  • SOLIKON 2015 Berlin

Interested in a companionship? Depending on the competence needs and financial possibilities, we estimate € 300 to € 1,000 per person-day (PD) plus travel expenses (train).


Roland Alton

Kommunikationsarchitekt, Informatiker, Social Designer.

Gründungsmitglied osAlliance und Leiter der Trägergesellschaft.

Mit mehr als 20 Jahre Projekterfahrung und Partnern im osAlliance Kompetenzverbund haben wir noch jede Herausforderung geschafft. Kundennutzen, Langlebigkeit, Transparenz, Agilität und klare Kommunikation sind wichtige Elemente in der Umsetzung von IT - und Kommunikationsprojekten. Meine Erfahrungen gebe ich auch als Lehrbeauftragter an der FH Vorarlberg weiter. Homepage mit Blog: