Cloud Services, Domains, Websites

Your appearance on the internet - especially for organizations and initiatives

Professional hosting, domain management, website creation and maintain the content on a content management system.

Do I need an own server for a website? No, we rent web space and if desired an additional domain.

Why green? For our environment. Our data center partners and our office is CO2 neutral.

Why fair? Because our IT experts are working on the principles of solidarity economy and are anchored regionally.

Our IT infrastructure is running energy efficient on virtualized Linux - servers. It is monitored 24 hours / 7 days and has 2 spatially separate, encrypted backups. You get full access to our ISPconfig tool. Here you can manage your web space, databases, e-mail addresses or DNS entries entirely by yourself via a web interface. Our domain partner is We like to advise you so that the name fits in the internet. We have experience with brand building, which has to function sustainably. We take care of orders and regular and timely payment so that the domain can not be accidentally captured.

Content management systems facilitate the maintenance of the content. We have plenty of experience with Drupal, WordPress, Typo3 or Prestashop and provide installation, operation, and maintenance with our partners.

Hosting Installation DIY Installation Basic Installation Complete monthly
Cloud Hosting with ISPconfig

(possible to make with a good hosting IT know-how)

With start-support (recommendation in hours) We do it completely (without graphics/theming and without content) Minimum run time one year, billing quarterly or annually
Setting up email addresses, alias addresses or email forwards Set up ISPconfig Account
EUR 80.-
2 EUR 160.-
per 10 pieces
Access ISPconfig EUR 5.-
Set up Webmail account in GroupOffice 0,25 EUR 80.- Up to 1 GB for free, for more memory space see FairCloud
E-Mail IMAP Account migration 1 EUR 160.- Access to other IMAP Accounts possible in GroupOffice and for free
Set up Webspace (also with simple CMS) 1 EUR 160.- (import static website) Standard web hosting with 100 MB web space EUR 10.- (every additional GB EUR 2.-)
Installation or migration of a more complex CMS (Wordpress, Drupal, Typo3, Oxwall, eXo, ...) 3 EUR 560.- Security maintenance and monitoring (regular perform updates and mandatory for all CMS included) EUR 20.- per month
Data base 1 EUR 80.- Data base EUR 2.- (up to 5 mySQL data bases)
Domain (at, com, org, net, eu; an others like pro, cc, swiss on demand) 1 EUR 80.- Standard domain EUR 2.-
DNS (Domain Name Server) set up / migration 1 EUR 160.- EUR 2.-
Prestashop or ERPnext Set up per instance EUR 320.- 4 EUR 2800.- Web shop hosting EUR 49.-
gitlab Hosting free up to 5 projects, including migration from github 2 h
CI/CD integration: 8h
Full service migration support of up to 10 projects from € 1200.- EUR 59.- per group up to 25 projects, unlimited users (fair use)
Mailing list (mailman) 2 EUR 160.- EUR 4.-


Support is billed EUR 140.-per hour. Estimates for basic support is based on our experience.

Additional technical support EUR 35.- per started quarter of an hour.

Our services have a very high availability. However, we provide no liability if something does not work. Any company who needs guaranteed response times, can arrange with us a service level agreement.

Prices excl. 20% VAT

Account Self-Management  ISPconfig

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