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The Ethify Yourself media portfolio

A diverse value compartment for an ethical life and economic activity.

What I want to achieve and which areas of life are how important?

How do we deal with finite resources?

Who can help me to find my values and to get a little closer to those?

"I live the way I like it" was chic for Pippi Longstocking and in the 80s and 90s, but the postmodern "anything goes" no longer works. The financial system is falling apart, ecosystems are threatening to collapse, according to the latest calculations of the Club of Rome of total collapse threatens before the year 2030. A boost of consumption will not save us. We need to talk again about what is important for all of us, separated from religions and ideologies.

Numerous media developed

The online project Ethify Yourself accomplishes pioneer work for a current value debate and provides a variety of media to the deepening and confrontation. Its potential, especially for an independent life in balance with all requirements for sustainability, are prepared in various media: In workshops, we recognize that responsibility is already lived in many SMEs. The Ethify Journal is a reflexive and meditative progress barometer and guide for an ethical life and economic activity. A game is aimed at a younger target group and the poster and the canvas are in the consultation process.

thify Yourself won the 2014 Environmental Education Award and is daily more than 500 visits from unique online users (without search engine).

consulting offer

Based on the nine Ethify values we will develop a values compartments, which is harmonious for you, your business or organization. The methods can be adapted to ongoing consultation processes.


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APA Wissenschaft: Innovations on the test bench of ethics. The Vorarlberg project formulates an offer for a modern value compartment.