Creative Commons Austria

We love to share!

We take care of promotion and translation and demonstrate applications of intangible commons.

In 2004 we started Creative Commons Austria with an art event: 1000 Open Source Water Bottles were bottled at the Hatler fountain in Dornbirn and brought to the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, when Creative Commons won the Golden Nica. Since then, we take care about license and content questions in Austria, and how they can be freed from unnecessary copyright shackles.

The greatest success is not only the more than 1 billion works that have been submitted under a CC license by 2015, but also the leadership of Austria: the cities of Graz, Linz and Vienna presented in its Open Data Initiative publicly available data under a CC-by license for the first time in 2011. Other public institutions followed.

Who wants to be kept up to date may like to CC-at Mailing Liste subscribe.  On a Wiki-page you can read former activities of CC-Austria.

The following members of fairkom take care about Creative Commons in Austria:

  • DI Dr. Roland Alton (Public Lead AT)
  • Dr. Alexander Baratsits MAS (Legal Lead AT)

In addition, there is a volunteer active core team that can advise on issues of education, archiving or technology.

Contact: info or legal or team ät