Domain Commons

We manage domains also on trust

Domains don't need to belong to individuals when it comes to something in common.

When a project or an initiative requires a domain for a charitable purpose, we offer to manage it. This relieves initiators of the administrative tasks and facilitates the handover if anyone else wants to continue with it.

Fairkom may act as the owner of the internet domain, where we can leave the usage in an agreement if this corresponds to the dedicated purpose. We take care of the regular payment of the domain fees, DNS entries and, if needed, we also offer hosting of websites or email.

Currently, the following domains are at disposal:

  • - Dedication of the donor: Directory of coworking facilities in Austria / Europe / world
  • - Initiative for a good life for all, synergies with or FairCoin desired
  • - for art / culture / neighborhood initiatives at Karlsplatz Vienna
  • - for civic society network

Of course, you can also order quite conventionally domains from us on your name. We take care of this.


Kunsthandwerk am Karlsplatz

Wir veranstalten den Adventsmarkt am Karlsplatz in Wien. Die Domäne wird uns über die fairkom Gesellschaft seit 2005 zur Verfügung gestellt, welche auf unseren Markt hinleitet.