The bulletin board for everybody

Simultaneously writing on the web - very easy.

Just making a quick note on the web? Create a page on an here you go.

Do you want to write a protocol or a wish list together with others?  Simply pass the web address of the page.

Write together without the need to ever press "save"? This is how a coordination board of the Vorarlberger Gemeinschaftsgärten looks like, that can be supplemented by each and everyone:


  • simultaneously writing (in the example above disabled)
  • URL Share (nobody else knows the address, not even search engines)
  • rewind option
  • characterizing versions
  • subscribe notification when someone edits a board
  • import / export options
  • boards can be viewed offline
  • with an iFrame a board can be integrated in to another website (like above)
  • optimized view for printing
  • text chat
  • based on Etherpad-Lite technology, features are constantly updated
  • free of advertisement

Start here a new board

Ask us for an individual solution  for your company or organization: Etherpads can be integrated for example in a Mediawiki or Drupal and the access can be controlled individually on request.


ALLMENDA Social Business eG

Mit der ALLMENDA Genossenschaft wurden diverse Cloud Dienste und Webseiten entwickelt, die nach einer Zellteilung von der fairkom Gesellschaft weiter betreut werden.