We offer blockchain consulting

Do you want to learn more about blockchain technology? Are you looking for an ecological blockchain, which requires less energy and enables faster transactions?

Blockchain is currently on everyone‘s lips. Indeed, it is a revolutionary technology with different application areas. At the same time, it is rare to find the people who understand this exciting new technology.

We can offer a serious advice, help to understand, clarify if a blockchain is right for your product or develop common strategies and concepts how to implement.

We have shown with FairCoin, that we can handle crypto applications who prove to be successful on the market. Our key innovation is the ecological Proof-of-Cooperation validation mechanism, which is ideal for public, private or hybrid networks.

We have helped to build FairCoin based applications, such as funds management, web wallets or payment gateways. Our partners are innovation and open source minded and service oriented.

If you are serious about exploring this topic or developing a blockchain based product please don‘t hesitate to contact us.

If you are serious about exploring blockchain or developing a product please don‘t hesitate to contact us.

An Innovative Ecological Blockchain

While most blockchains are dependent on resource-intensive 'mining', with a huge overall use of electricity, our blockchain technology is based on an energy saving 'Proof-of-Cooperation' (PoC) mechanism, where mining is neither necessary nor possible.

The PoC is the unique consensus algorithm developed for the cryptocurrency FairCoin. PoC mechanism not only requires less energy but also enables faster transactions.


How Does 'Proof-of-Cooperation' Algorithm Work?

What is different to other blockchain technologies is that instead of hundreds of computers solving difficult validation puzzles, Cooperatively Validated Nodes (CVNs) work together in cooperation to secure the network and to validate transactions.

The consensus algorithm determines which CVN has to create the next block. Each CVN approves that CVN by digitally signing with its unique identification number.

After the receptive CVN received all the necessary signatures of the other CVNs, it executes pending transactions and generates a new block. This new block is stored in the immutable and distributed blockchain database.

With this further development of the blockchain technology and the implementation of 'Proof-of-Cooperation' algorithm, an important step for diversification and independence from Bitcoin and previous mining technologies was created.


FairCoin is really hard to fork

N. H.

FairCoin is one of the only cryptos now that is incredibly hard to hard fork (because it is hard to hard fork a global grassroots movement or a cooperative community).


Thomas König

Partner at LinuxIT, IT-Consulting, Cryptocurrencies, Java Development, Head Developer FairCoin.

Roland Alton

Kommunikationsarchitekt, Informatiker, Social Designer.

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Mit mehr als 20 Jahre Projekterfahrung und Partnern im osAlliance Kompetenzverbund haben wir noch jede Herausforderung geschafft. Kundennutzen, Langlebigkeit, Transparenz, Agilität und klare Kommunikation sind wichtige Elemente in der Umsetzung von IT - und Kommunikationsprojekten. Meine Erfahrungen gebe ich auch als Lehrbeauftragter an der FH Vorarlberg weiter. Homepage mit Blog: http://roland.alton.at