Registered Commons

Verzeichnis von immateriellen Gemeing├╝tern

As Creative Commons and General Public License (GPL) have gained enormous popularity and collections of Public Domain works are growing, Registered Commons makes licensing more safe to publishers and users.

We maintain RegisteredCommons since 2006, when it was launched in Berlin by the founder of Creative Commons, Lawrence Lessig.

  • Secure digital timestamp provides traceable licensing date
  • Provision of reliable information about creator
  • Guarantee non-revocability of licenses
  • Verifiable work through hash encoding
  • Option to define moral rights
  • Option to contact registrant
  • Folksonomy and Wikipages

Indistinct relations between license, work release and creator are bound to cause problems: fraud of license, republishing under wrong license, withdrawal of license or moral rights infringement. RegisteredCommons interconnects this triangle relation and thus improves legal confidence. Additionally, a creator may announce usage conditions beyond license terms (e.g. commercial use only for non-profit companies or only if derivative is also being registered and thus traceable). Furthermore, a creator may specify moral rights, such as where the work shall not be published (e.g. not by military organisations).