progressing well on a day

An event format in order to inspire people in a group.

Since 2014, the Swiss sustainability initiative invites about three times a year people to exchange views on sustainable projects and activities. In this framework, we have developed a format that allows everyone to be up to date, but also to develop new things. Derived from the Art of Hosting Methods, BarCamp, ProAction and World Cafe, the following structure has been proven:

  • Finding appointments, for example through TERMINO with a collection of topics concerning integrated notepad
  • Check in and fetch sensitivities: everyone says no more than 10 words: name, location, activity and expectations for the day
  • Projekt casting: max. 5 min.: everyone can (but don't need to) present their project (what works, what doesn't), and defines his / her current support needs
  • Selection of projects: the plenum shall determine by consensus which projects will be processed by which methods in the afternoon (according to interest (energy), urgency), timing is set
  • Preparation of group work: the project owner will prepare their setting for the afternoon, plenum prepares the infrastructure for an afternoon
  • Lunch
  • Projet processing: the project owner summarizes the group work in a subsequent presentation for the plenum
  • Break: Preparation of presentations by the project owner incl. need for further support
  • Feedback from plenary and formation of project-based working groups for further exchanges between the general meetings (if required)
  • Check Out
  • Farewell

An overview of other, proven methods of participation provides: for different group sizes. The Transposium is still in "beta" and is not listed there.