Testing fairlogin with the FairCoop community

A brief update on our Single-Sign-On project "fairlogin": We have keycloak running at id.fairkom.net and created a fairlogin realm. We migrated users into the LDAP and are now connecting one service after the other.

At the FairCoop (link is external) and FairCoin (link is external) summercamp in Jura / Switzerland we were discussing with participants their requirements and which service they would like to have connected. First was fairchat.net (link is external)(via SAML) and then git.fairkom.net (link is external)(with oAuth). On both youcan  see a "fairlogin" button, and if you did not have an account yet you can simply register.

Next services will be owncloud (which is being already heavily used by the FairCoop community and which we plan to upgrade to nextcloud) and then GroupOffice (via LDAP). In parallel we are working on a user dashboard for a unified app presentation (which might replace the current app info page for FairCoop (link is external)). keycloak also allows to add incoming identity providers, such as github, or other keycloak instances via OpenID Connect. This way we can build a federated single-sign-on environment with sustainability initiatives around the globe.

View from Mont Soleil to the valley