Our Goals

In the statutes the purpose and resources are defined

We set activities to increase the use of online services for the fair use of common resources.

The purpose is the conceptual and practical deployment of communication media, with the aim to show new opportunities for online media especially by using free software.

We aim to achieve this through:

~ Lectures, meetings, seminars, symposia, exercise and training events

~ Operation of communications platforms on the Internet

~ Providing a platform for the registration of open licensed works

~ Contacts with organizations, institutions and experts from inland and abroad

~ Suggestion for the interactive media behavior of different social groups and individuals and support this by making media facilities of the association available

~ Development of concepts and strategies that promote the use of free software

~ Cooperation with scientists and participation in research projects

~ Representation of association specific interests of its members towards authorities and institution.


Therefore we conduct the following business areas:

~ Membership fees, donations, organized collections, gifts, subsidies, grants, project funding, legacies, sponsorship and other contributions.

~ Income from events of the association, revenues from services of the association, proceeds from the disclosure of information, revenue from the provision association's own facilities.

~ Income from economic activities that have to solely serve the purpose of the association, and only to the extent of companies with a similar nature to compete, as it is unavoidable to fulfill the non-profit association's purpose. Their revenues and profits are exclusively used to cover the costs and to achieve the non-profit association's purpose.