Enric Duran wins Human Price Award

The Barcelona Film and Human Rights Festival awarded Enric Duran with the Human Rights Award.

This award was awarded in 2012 to Amy Goldman, 2013 to Ada Colau, 2014 to Julian Assange and 2015 to Sound Energy. It is an honor and a responsibility, to be the next after all these people and collectives in this year's edition.

With FairCoin to the Blockchain conference in Brussels

We have been invited to present  the concept of FairCoin at a Blockchain conference in Brusseles (link is external) on Novermber 4th 2016. fairkom is running a FairCoin2 node and is accepting payments in FairCoin currency. Fairkom member Thomas was contacted, finally Roland was travelling by train to Brusseles.

Open Source Community Camp

Our members participate with two projects!
18.-19. November in Vienna, SocialImpactLab.

More information here. We may not tell the reason, wh we patricipate, before the event. But we are very glad ;-).

EU Consultation on Copyright

The Austrian Ministry for Justice started a consultation process on EU-Commissions Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on copyright in the Digital Single Market. Stakeholders have been invited to send their opinion on the Proposal until October 25th. As Creative Commons Austria, we have provided our opinion and encouraged other members of the civil society strongly to send an opinion as well.



English pages & blog

After having translated most pages into English, we are staring now also an English blog roll.

Not all blog posts will be translated, so you may switch back to german for our latest news.