fairlogin FAQs

fairlogin is a single-sign-on identity management system, focussing on the needs of sustainable and social organizations, groups and private persons.

Security and privacy are important for us. With fairlogin there is no data vending and no spying. We are not selling any user data for ads and ensure a strict adherence to Austrian and European data protection directives.


fairlogin FAQs


What is fairlogin?

fairlogin is a single-sign-on service where users have the possibility to use one login application and one password for different online services. Our Open Source identity management system implements modern security and usability. With fairlogin, single users, organizations and companies can use different service with one ID while becoming independent from big ID providers like Google, Twitter or Facebook.

Where can I get a fairlogin ID?

Simply go to fairapps.net or directly to the fairlogin dashboard.


Who can use it?

fairlogin can be used by social and sustainable initiatives and organizations, companies and private persons around the globe. This service is provided on a fair-use provision. Anyone can use fairlogin and its services, who is accepting the fairkom Cloud terms of business (PDF).

Your NGO could run its own identity server and federate with fairlogin and other NGOs. This way we can build an ecosystem of distributed identity servers, independent from the big commercial players.


How can I reset my password?

If you forgot your password, just click at the login page of fairlogin on “Forgot Password?”. Enter your username or email address and we will send you instructions on how to create a new password.


Which services are available?

There are a number of web services from fairkom or associated partners which can be used with fairlogin. On fairapps.net you find a dashboard with all linked services, such as fairchat, GitLab or GroupOffice. If you a very important tool is missing, do not hesitate to contact as us.


What are the fair use limits?

Like it? Use it often? We facilitate a fair net culture. That is why we provide our services on a fair use provision. For private persons and small organizations and initiatives the use of fairlogin is free.

If you use fairlogin more frequent, as a professional or if you are a company or a bigger organization, please contact us so that we can arrange a service agreement.

If you simply want to support our services, so that we can extend our fair and sustainable path we have chosen donate via Paypal or FairCoin address: famNzt75hoNjJJkv39HQbCsM3vU9ZbZdmk .


Why is fairlogin fair?

As a non-profit association, the Austrian fairkom invests all surpluses in social and sustainable projects. By running on an energy-efficient and CO2-neutral server, our fairapps services reduce your ecological footprint. Furthermore, our fair-use principle encourages small initiatives and organizations with relatively modest financial resources to achieve their objectives.


Where can I make suggestions for improvement?

We have a channel called fairchat-general, there you enter your suggestion or question, perhaps someone will answer you immediately. For bugs, wishes and suggestions you can also open an issue in the gitlab here.


How can we federate?

If you are running your own identity provider, we may accept federation and access of your users to our fairlogin based fairapps. One important aspect is that we share a strong open source commitment and more or less the same values (our Ethify Yourself project may be a starting point to look at). If you think that we should federate, please drop us a message.


Can you add my application so that users can login with fairlogin?

We'd love to add more clients that use fairlogin as an identity provider. As we have to monitor our servers and take care on the security, we charge a fee for this service to cover our expenses. Order your fairlogin application ID and secret >>here. fairlogin supports SAML or oAuth / OpenID connect.

If you represent an NGO, a sustainability initiative or offer a service that may perfectly complement our fairapps portfolio, do not hesitate to ask for special conditions or a partnership agreement.