Writing text together: is the choice for many for meeting minutes, task lists, guest lists and idea creation. "During the summercamp the joint editing tool has been heavily used to plan cooperative work areas and develop them to the next level" says Chris, who is an active contributor to the movement and had hosted the summercamp in the Decentrale community house at Mont Soleil in the swiss alps.

After seven years of smooth operation and more than a Gigabyte compressed text only, we had to upgrade to a new Debian stretch operating system and nodejs 6. The latest version of etherpad now allows to go back to any text version or export to ODF, DOC. PDF or HTML. We improved the performance and gave it a new design lately. Now it really looks like a dark green board where you write with chalk and highlight links yellow or orange. enabled features include           
*     simultaneous writing                         
*     share the URL with others (nobody else knows it and no search engine crawls on it)                         
*     timeslider - view any previous board status                         
*     bookmark versions     
*     embed via iframe into your webpage                         
*     optimized for printing                         
*     text chat on each board
*     headlines
*     add your signature and a timestamp
*     embed images (use the clip to upload)
*     various import / export formats
*     slideshow (flip page per heading)
*     comment on text and allow reply on comments
*     allow to link directly to line numbers is
*     based on open source Etherpad-Lite technology     
*     free and ads-free
*     hosted by in Europe climate neutral
*     financed by donations

Give it a try, start your now!

See here an example of the coordination board of the summercamp (read only frame):